Freed things donation acknowledgement specification

verybody has a potentiality to lend or gift more freed their things, specially their services (hours). FreedChain is a common global Family, managing all data and things given freed by anyone to it for  developing free standards with them. FreedChain should be open to receive any kind of asset whether as a gift, lending or surplus from an exchange, either being it a thing, money or some hours. MyFreedom promises the donor the maximum profit for his-her donated thing, by routing the lending and or donating the freed thing or time to the person or family who more and better will do public tasks for developing the free standards with it, share it further later with others (for the sharer, For the poorer, Care about, …,) and or act better as an owner in the case of having to claim back the property. MyFreedom asks potential receivers for for:
  1. Directly: What type of things for lending them to others could you maintain the best?
  2. Indirectly and more deeply:

Freed donors and maintainers deserve acknowledgement, for example: Someone donated a freed car that i am the maintainer of it. The car has a value of 1000 $ in a country where the minimum hour is 5 $. So the donnor will get 200 hours (flovens) acknowledgement in the flovechain, and i am: 1. Enough happy because being the maintainer gives me a car user privileged position 2. Getting an acknowledgement that i am maintaining a +1000$ freed thing 3. Getting 1 flove per each hour i am lending it (uhm…) There are some projects that, although partially, are already approaching this idea, these are: Rec Barcelona is a cryptocurrency delivered by the Barcelona Council as a part of a Basic Income for people in need that is accepted by local business Mannabase is a cryptocurrency that just asks a unique identifier to release periodic rewards (Universal Basic Income) Faircoin is a communitarian premined cryptocurrency that you could get by making the network thrive in some needed way that is approved by some faircoop assembly.