Flow love flove


FloveCoin is a specification for a reissuable token system for actions that increase flove.

All FloveChain acknowledgements can be easily and basically used for reputational purposes i.e.

1.0 I just lend my house to people with at least 100 donated floves

But a further development will be to enable the re-spending of the flovechain points (tokens), i.e.

2.0 I lend my house to people that have 100 floves or more now

So you could have given freed something costing 100 floves, but if you have spend 30 floves, you should have 70 floves as credit, which will anyway allow you to use offer number 1, but will imped you to use the offer number 2 or an offer number 3 like this:

3. I rent my house for 100 floves a month