Ecologic extraction


Ecology is the lovely expression of flove extraction


Ecometrics and footprint compensators




When we extract the materials to elaborate and offer things there is always an ecological footprint with which we have to count. I wish there was the possibility of being able to extract without environmental damage with rapidly developed tools. But we have to be honest, and accept that even if we start building them full time from tomorrow, there will be a transitory period in which we will extract environmental damage.

The strategy of extraction and material management has to be decidedly focused on the elimination of the ecological footprint. To do this, we need to make the footprint gauges of any type of extraction better visible and we also have to be intelligent in what tactics of elaboration and supply of material things we have implemented until then.

A strategy that would be very useful to raise awareness in this regard would be the «universal recommendation of daily compensation», which although it may seem defeatist or insufficient or even poorly focused on someone with deep environmental values, but realistically speaking, can help us to weave better networks between environmentalists, and above all to have a much clearer message than the containers of different materials for recycling that are in any European city today.

In the rational environment a strong person is not affected so much by local damages, and a person with a good environment avoids many of the remaining social powers. In the material field, the same happens. Someone who has good weather, good land, a vegetable garden and a kitchen, does not need to go to buy sandwiches in supermarkets or restaurants. We are what we sow, we are what we eat. Be independent of having to use or buy things that are not organic and that you can not make yourself or in your vicinity. Let’s invest in food sovereignty, there are few things more basic than this one.