Dipedia, rational flove

Links widen through expansive dipoles, dichotomies increase for expanding their own merging value


Disjunction is a big degree of uncertain similarity in a conjunction

When disjunction-opposition is interpreted as merged (seen as nipolar pairs) they are producing the deepest definitions (they display a total possible rational length, to infinitely explore). Antonyms are easy to find, rate with and can bring us into the deeper experiences of redefining, but when we don’t want to take this way for redefining, we consider such redefinition as impossible andor absurd, calling it an Oxymoron.

Oxymorons are a possible total length-depth andor constrain (challenge) within polarity reductioning

Oxymorons are either useful for a big trivial andor formal experiences. This possible poling of big absurdity and wisdom is already oxymoronic…. which should be proof enough of their not only real but fundamental importance… .

Oxymoron is a sophisticated word normally meant to negatively and extremelly ridiculize a supposed contradiction. It is normally used as an appeal to autorithy trough pitty. With the word «Antagonist-Oppositional Keypair» we could avoid to use the word Oxymoron for propositivistic purposes, but it is rather better to keep Oxymoron as a synonim of it because it’s a very well known word already, and also because its phonemics awakes some fun in us, which is a positive thing to trigger in the search for novelties. FoxyHolon is yet a more provocative synonim while more explicative too, although too provocative perhaps… .

We can see how much complementary are arguments within many debates that rather seem not. We may rather want to bring more peace to the world by we all seeing and taking the road to the polarities centroids, andbut we haven’t develop enough tools for deeper dealing with antagonist binomials.

Just dare testing it by conjuncting your more redundant Opposition-Contrarieties-Antagonisms-Dichotomies-Dualisms-Paradoxs (Noun-Noun) into equilibred (merged-complementary) Bipoles (AdjectivedNoun).

Every rethorical expression (a kind of macro) can be simplified into their underlying paradigms, finally minimally presented with a set(s) of 2 words, so we could get deeper in combinations of only two objects than trying it with triads andor with any other more elaborated set.


Exploring depth through redefining fuzzy antagonisms

Dipedia focus is to create, extend and aggregate redefinitions of merged oppositional relations. Get your more known antonyms-dichotomies-contradictions and merge them as bipoles (i.e. as AdjetivizedNoun) to further and endlessly redefine them.



Extrending the merging of apparent logical oppositions within other channels beyond words sintaxis


Oxymorons mainly refer to words antagonistic relations. But words are just one more medium for expressions. Another type of oxymorons could be relating an image which is contradictory to a text, or even more fun: asking a question that the other was supposed to rather being asking you… etc.

AntiComms could be done more or less contradictory, very partial or loaded, better or worse transmitted, … AntiComms feedbacks are going to need to recall in older former communication channels because their propositions overload the channel that were proposed to flow by… which opens a yet more interesting featuring and research…