We are all here for planing our final moments at least…


Be nice when imagining your moment of death. 

There is much wisdom to retain from that (See «The Tibetan Book of Life and Death»).

More humblily speaking, there is also a trend called Death cafes, where people gather to share thoughts about their own death while relaxly taking a coffee.

There also was an active community called and non-free applications like safebeyond, ether9, or deadsocial (in development, but with a lot of documentation), that basically specialize in keeping your data online after you die. One catalan communitty did a step forward and created a communitty service called somprovisionals that deal with some parte of the funeral services with a further cooperative-ethico-economical point of view (there are many minimonopolies at funeral services).

After someone dies, there are a lot of worries that are hard to manage for your relatives, specially when the event comes as a surprise.

You can use many blockchains for Testaments but none has evolved to be an active token implying many possible schedulable things with It.

But the Tibetan culture nor the platforms mentioned above haven’t developed any easy interactive tool for guiding you to declare and well specify a settled plan for your moment of death, either for your having more calma with by seeing it published and traceable, for your plan inspiring others and or for how you would like the environtment there to be (constructed for you in case you are not able to).




WHAT: Exemple: Diesafe app

Tidy your thoughts about how you want to experience the last moments of your life and what would you like happen after you will die.

Plan your companionship and environtment premortem and your postmortem heritage.

Describe not only a possible environment desired for your death, but several of them.

Plot many possibly postmortem actions. 



Do a test and never worry about taking such plannings for granted. Don’t do It if – When – while you don’t feel so. Publish contradictory plans if you want it too, you can’t really know how you will feel by then, so never worry too much about It happening perfect by then as you predesigned It before.

Plan some triggers to do certain actions at a whatever post-mortem time to keep your legacy more assured (i.e. only divide my money after a year and after all my brothers having fill and show to others this test, etc), to make yourself still or more present to others (i.e. have a chatbot of you that makes decisions about your inheritance after you die) por just for fun (i.e. i invite a beer to x members after every summer rain), etc.


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