This is a presentation sent to the Institute of Fundamental Questions contest about the project of defining free will. As usual happens to this weird me, I haven’t got a reply from them, but nevertheless i enjoyed writing it 🙂

We live. All is connected. So all is, has to be, alive as well.

We are (and might be) the entropic vanguard of the whole of it. The lifes with more developed agency (or presence..).

As such complexity, we are simplified in only two types of bodies. This same logic has to apply as for the fundamental reason that the vanguard hast to be directly paired with the more fundamental source. And it has to be paired in the same way the complexity is displayed to him/her: this is, simplified.

This “complex simplicity” tells us about how we will find it through. You may have not noted it yet, but “complex simplicity” is an apparent polar dichotomy that is shown to your reason as an unified concept (or constant). You have read it and you haven’t found it “contradictory”. Instead, you have experienced it “revelatory”.

I want you to help me developing my ongoing theoretical and practical projects, that more precisely want to extend this logic into a general method of reasoning for approach any issue, specially the hardest ones, like “Agency vs Determinism”.

I am not reinventing the wheel, what you look for and what i am developing is Bart Kosko (1990) saying of: probability is a type of “deterministic uncertainity”.

So for advancing that you will get to master Fuzzy sets, then YinYang Bipolar Dynamic Logic, and then you should end coming to my work that brings it to every daily aspect (replying to Penrose some of his quantum questions).

On the top of this necessary mechanics that need to be defined, i am brave enough to add “love” on the top of them, as the foundational force of foundation and all the rest of life forms.


Truth understood as the evolution of the theory of applied fuzzy reciprocity. And love as in the evolvable but minimal practices defined, because love practices are giving practical examples on how the natural process of life (natural law-categories) flows through the different but reducted layers of rational perception in our life.

Both models are to be given an ontological and epistemological base where to further crowdsource them and fork them at people’s free will, being the stadistics they have contributed to, a candidate for description of the term “Our agency”, which is not enough used, as it is always said “Agency” or “My agency”, which is an initial buggy ground that starts to cause further bugs in whatever it is supposed to hold on the top of it.

I propose a testability of the theory in different senses, that need developing efforts as these one i am asking to you:

Develop software tools for gamed and synestesic UX and analitical machines to test a continuous merging of dichotomies (one as noun or complement and one as adjective or verb) within a dynamic rankable set of categories, within Wen-Ran Zhang Bypolar Dynamic Equilibrium tools, for trying to showcase some universal rethorics that would definetely help funding the datasets of artificial inteligence machines, which if additionally powered with quantum computing, could get close to offer not the axiomatization of physics, but the axiomatization of life, through a-the language of true love, or at least to provide further suggests on data relations statistics.

We should be acompaning it with designs and documentations that express such theory for a wide range type of audiences.


I am a pure vocational one, but i love doing formal specs too. Please understand my brevity and posible informality, but it is not meant to be less rigourous, just a bit more unworried in my side, since this a way how i normally face life, and specially the interesting bits of it like filling this form has been. 🙂

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