Questions simplify edges



Questions serve to gather basic needed information from others. Questions are a type of content that is the edge for defining anything, but they aren’t normally standarized as fields.

Standard fields could be too rigid, so we could include optional fields. In both cases there will be the difficulty of agreeing in what are the core ones and what the optional ones…

When developing standarization of categories and fields for gathering information about your aim, questions could be a type of content that will define  the aim’s edge. Also, the more categorized other more introductory fields will be, the more focused will be  the questions that people will add on (the top of) them.

Actually, you could have an initiative to create a community and open up a forum for it. You will describe the project aims broadly there and even create forum categories to further guide the threadings. People then will create new threads where some questions will arise (among many other content types) about your categorical descriptions.

There are many forums available, but in all of them many worthy questions and replies are difficult to track in long threads, where there is a lot of other content to have to ignore. Enabling polls is an option at some of them, but are still too difficult to categorize and relate to specific categories.

There are other platforms that focus more in the «question&reply format only» (like stackoverflow, etc) where people are forced to initiate threads with clear questions at different (rigid) categories and the replies get their value categorized (and better displayed) by other users ratings. These platforms are useful, but is still quite hard to export such contents andor create your own categories (bictiopedia binomials definitions) for questions there.

Also, there are many non-free platforms like or others where you can do a pre-made projective test and forward its results to other non-free platforms (facebook, twitter, etc), where you can’t easily categorize them nor keep track of all these tests you did, nor create one new yourself.


«Questions» is a standard field of bictiopedia binomials definitions. Peers can create questions and reply to other peers questions related to binomials. They can also be metacategorized with a type of Mask, hence creating further projective tests (see souls app case). Questions can thereafter be defaultly and customly packed to create tests and surveys.




1. A broad survey that includes all the possible questions (fields) from most, custom and or all the flove apps.

2. Little tests




3. Tests centered dashboard

Few but many different types of content, where questions is the main one