Craft manufacture


Craft is the lovely expression of manufacture flove



Forking parties



Global collaborative production was a paradigm open, in part, by free software. Free software has proven to be much more effective than software developed in closed environments, even so, they are underfunded communities that compete to offer the same type of product with companies that have huge resources to buy services from programmers.

We can not all do everything, but there are many things that we can help with somewhere in your production chain. You do not have to be a programmer to contribute to a free software community, because you can help in documentation, translations and merchandising, to name a few of the easy tasks in any free software project.

Beyond the concrete circumstances in which free software communities are located, we must clone their development practices for the production models of anything else, and beyond that, try to find a way to redistribute the benefits of production planned to all the people who contributed in a particular task, according to their contributory level to such open tasks.