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Primes numberline as fundamental source of energy for (evolutionary) biological morphology andsomore acurately defining Observation through (Linguistical) Channels, having their centroids (conservation of number 1) and bipolarities (conservation of prime number 2)

This model provides key hints for Spatial Time (Dimensionality) better integrated with Biology. It also brings many new hints for the causes of illnesses, i.e. relating functions that are unknown or very complex to understand (as seens at increasing rare diseases, psicopathologies…).

It also proposes a well founded base for a continuum for Linguistics: Natural – verbal language as body language (kinesics) conservation.

Channels are also usable as a type of Fuzzy categories for a better grounding of what are the channels useed for an information definition (facial kinesic plus oral, nonalphabetical digital, etc) andor as a type of perspectives for it (i.e. ABC defined from a thymus perspective, etc).

Patched Flaw: Mind, Consciousness, Qualya ontologies are very vague.. .We are – meassure a lot by our visual-nervous focus. That’s fine but the problem is that the 5Senses keyset gets overloaded with new proposed categories difficult to fit in it (6th sense, intuition, emotion, equilibrium, inner ear, etc…). With this new theory, we can leave the senses to be only 5 while knowing better how other functions are being related andor represented by them…

Observational channels inevolution and inter-relations

Inevolution: Above picture: How we humans have edged our nervous system by micro-hide Hear functions, didn’t evolve middle Taste & Smell much, for being able to conserve it in our more evolved Touch & View. Animals and other beings will have more evolved middle smell&taste andor less intense senses overall.

Inter-relations: Picture below: Proposal of Senses, Glands, Joints and Systems ranks. It is easy for Glands and Joints, but we need to do similarly for Senses & Systems for starting being able to relate them to each other better than within the actual rankless order from the biology achademia


Loves and Arts categories as succesful conservation peaks of Specie (See «Centroid» column above, and interpret floves as outer expressions of themselves, beyond more explicitly being able touse them as fuzzy categories to define anything with) and Language (See Arts diagram below), Inner and Outer and other keypairs.

See here in the picture below the Arts more known categories being more ordered (actually they are very unordered), by more robustly having them framed with Biology (Observational chanels), Language, Elements and Evolution:

See more about this model in a chapter of floveria23 (a theoretical dump)

More soon…