Case 1: Direct funding of an ecocrowdcrafted hi-tech freed offer

1-One person creates a profile (my.flove.org) and a group of artists with its own bylaws (trustful.flove.org) that automate processes of a common pool where resources are shared and redistributed accordingly between members and related groups, and invites 7 people to a forking party where they are going to be funded with flovecoin for doing some creation that he will reveal there.

2-All accept the invitation to the group, to the party and to give all their data to myfreedom, but rename their family status: From Standard Brothers to Custom Cousins+.

3-The targetted project to do to replicate a small Keops sculpture with 90% ecological (eco.flove.org) with recicled and ecological materials that are getting increasingly sponsored in the network, within an open crowdcrafting platform (craft.flove.org) where most of them agree to choose to share it as freed (license.flove.org).

5-During the craft there was only one outsider contribution, but a key one that was given at the prototyping phase. So the artists would have to forward a % of benefits (if any) to the contributor.

6-Once they have finished the sculpture, the artists add an identifier to it, a built-in chatbot (FloveBot fork) with a data dump from their community of artists (General data from 8 people), slightly tunning that with some surrealist, mischevous personality types premium addons. They also decided to implement a minimal scanner that will help the sculpture to gather feedback from viewers through a face recognition mechanism.

7-The communitty of artists are asking for donations to their work in whichever likes or different currencies with its own peculiar routing for investing it. The sculpture accepts any donation without needing of membership of any kind, but it also suggest you to register in the network (my.flove.org, free.flove.org) for getting the advantatge for your donation getting an acknowledged reputation and a further reward.

8-Artists have added the maximum fee of 50% from all donations given to the sculpture to be directed to their own private benefits. The artists have also decided to donate a 10% fee to the Klown Army. The other 40% can be directed by the donor to the artists project’s maintenance or development, or to friendly projects of them, to universal restoration (gives Reputational Points to artists) (i.e. Blue economy+), or other more original restorations related to the context of the work itself (i.e. Some action that restores the British «theft» to Egipt).

9-The (ro)bot will recommend the donation to go (be automatically routed by it) to the part that most matches donor wants&wishes and artists wants&wishes, considering first to invest it in artists projects public tasks that could be performed by the donor himself, or otherwise will refer to some artists’projects, to its own development or to some universal or original restoration projects.

10-They are all waiting to the release of certain flovecoin for each them in the following hours or days, that some FloveBot will give explaining to each why that ammount depending on their effort and creativity originality.

Case 2: …