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In a world that everytime gets more complex to be understood, we need to find new ways for anyone more easily and deeply define what is meaningful, for exploring possibilities for being closer to oneself and to each other through language itself, beyond what actual oversimplistic dictionaries offer us for that.

Simplification always comes along and it’s the ultimate expression of complexization. Since there was some simpler technics at any past, every past was also wiser andso the solutions for our futures have been already hinted there. Therefore, lovely novelty will be improving the more ancient bits we could reach to with our actual finer designs and technologies.

YinnaY is not being enough customized, integralized nor formalized yet...

Many techs for language but…

not yet a P2P Thessaurus for a Bipoles Encyclopedia…


-Q: In short, for example: LOVE, How accurately can it be defined for all?

-R: First of all, we shouldn’t care that much about a single definition for any word. There is no problem in everyone expressing his-her own view. Secondly, probably LOVE has the most words to pair it with and acts that define it, andbut some of them will cause more matches between people

Fine(r) bipoles

The task of Philo+sophy?

Fundamentals: UncertainSubjectivity

Your bias is always a polar part of the thruth you try approaching

The ShowHiding middle

Let’s interpret the excluded middle principle-law as a centroids exclusivizing (favouriting) medium


Analitical Informatics and Us perhaps have complementary equilibred talents for finding meaning


What’s in Bictiopedia?

Any word can be related to another, but there are some couplings of words that we give more attention to. As keywords are to words, keypairs should be to pairs (keypair=bipole=1 item).

Everything is defined with an underlying intention (subjective perspective). We can standarize bipolar degrees for intentions and consider them as a reflecting pole of teleological plurism too.

Our proposed basic fields for defining bipoles

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Bictiopedia is not yet ready for using it… for that it needs your care too!

Wikimedia, OpenSemanticData, YinYang-Mereologists, Educational plans, Law updaters..

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Import bictiopedia standards in your platform for defining your common values more inclusively

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Philosophical tunners, implementing coders, optimization designers, betatesters & fans overall Come on board, bring your arts in!