Flow love flove

To entangle the more easily:

1. A core for lovelier linguistics: bictiopedia.org

2. A set of mini apps, for more practical lovings

Videos about main navigations: 18mins, 2mins.


Flove.org is not my unicorn nor a one man show but for now is both

Lightly entangled apps featuring

With another branding in other languages (Compartiva, old abandoned spanish-etc project).

More loaded apps entanglement (diagram)

Full and radically symbolic

Gamified listings display of Bictiopedia keypairs and else items from more practical apps:


An scaled continuum

User has used the Souls app (that is why his username is Yellow Eagle), and continued into the Viewer app (a next level in Souls game),

where at end results there could be (a next level to) either:

  1. Links to all other flove apps, as seen in first pic above (Souls & Viewer are apps of the Personal scope only)
  2. Suggestions and or freely relating (and defining) those keywords as-into Bictiopedia keypairs.


Importing other features into flove.org

Soulfie case: See the senseplay.me project (also thoughtseed.io)

Flove & Soulfie

Soulfie offers different displays from biometries from for when doing certain activities (maybe not flove activities).

Flove.org wants to be an activity for Soulfie featurings (and so wants peers to be able to use Soulfies when interacting in the flove network).

Peers and Flove&Soulfie

User ABC wants to import flove.org tools into his-her own platform.

Flove.org offers the full bictiopedia standard, but user ABC has choosen the main ones only and also choosed to include the external Soulfie service:

Result: User ABC is an administrator of a community that wants to define all senses combinations but by pairs only, without too many epistemologic fields and with Soulfie biometries from heart (but not from brain).

Further advanced:

User ABC openly declares his-her communitty XYZ to be Open data (but not Free because not much federated, etc) (for certifying community standards and or for publicity reasons). Example:



Export bictiopedia addings and or fund them with material (flovy) offers

Keypairs (from bictiopedia) as exportable categories for social networks contents, and with facilitated funding to them. I.e. with flovely offers from flove apps for «only» acts&habits related to that «true love» keypair:



Tokenize your loving through a FloveChain rewardy oracle (flove meritocracy) based in the 1/7 Processual enneatypes theory (with randomize option) adapted with floves vocabularies:

+Combine it with OpenAstro date of birth.

See a video (15 mins) explaining these Processual 1/7 enneatypes, here. The video also explains a bit the Tests and simplificated homepages shown further below,

Bictiopedia Tests centered

Few but many different types of content, where tests is main. Further: Content types ammounts customly tunned to you by who you would prefer:


Definetely sourcy

See also: An accesoty pure(r) maths project for defining numbers: minimaths.net

(Choose) Minimaths (Number) & Bictiopedia (Word) (& prominent Acts&Habits from those words to easily reach flove more practical apps too)

Further: Every added field to the Sciences list could activate features in the form itself that relate to its field. Example: Add «game theory» as selectable category for your (word and or number) definition and that will activate the «Game it» option in the form itself. Activating «Law» category enables timestamp for definitions, etc.