Flove is one neword

Flove is one neword

for the flows of love

Within the necessary enigma that grants us stability, we are always trying to clarify our view of the near and the whole and getting stressed while not achieving it.

Flove is a either word for referencing both the foundational-teleologic energy and for the more lovely (or really good or not too bad really or yinish if not bad yan) polarities of a bipolar set or any other reduced whole.

Flove methodology provides a very easy and deep mechanism for Expressing own particular and broad views, Contrast them with others and suggest improvements, and Find new paradigms and closer affinities thanks to sharing data in thi deep way.

Key semantics made simple

A strict dual and triadic ontological mechanism facilitates doing meaningful analogies (through yinyan aesthetics integrality) that easily create meaningful semantic loops.

See one full view. Since it is done following a simple and open mechanism, anyone could very easily express her-his own through an app

Philosophy and action

Having a methodology for crowdsourcing the bests of semantics, deserves initial content in it to test how useful, playful and deep, hence flove default full view.

Lovely semantics organizing (and or optimizing...) brings clarity to anyone for acting forward, an extended view easily biases the easy modelling of certain key lovely practices in an entangled apps prototype.

Universal >< Vital

Fully unknowable but what a lively and long fine tunning to feel such connectivity nowadays, cheers

Natural >< Real

Determinism and biocentrism deserve to be at least a perspective. This helps explaining social sciences

Biological >< Human

We the most complex matter still show up the inner supersimetry through only two very varied bodies


Love is queer


Joy is femenine


Wisdom is masculine

Why so many songs about love?

Perhaps one beatiuful song from Anastascia tells us more about it...

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Flove presentation

12 pages introducing the main points of flove theory and its main projects Download it, here And or keep reading it below in a less aesthetic way maybe:   Estable diversity We want to know more why, what are we here for and where are we going to. For approaching it we research traces from […]

Review of a standalone Offers implementation

One of the implementations of a lovely model is to improve the culture of lending for people sharing better and more their things. We know that a priority is developing a higher layer (more personal, local and social love in it) and not developing at the lower layer that lending is, but we need lovely […]

Promos audiovisuales de Compartir

Este artigo é um resumo da experiência de uma pesquisa de videos na net (especialmente no youtube) com as palavras compartilhar, partilhar ou compartir mais (e ainda) «música, animação, tudo, etc». Esta práctica de usar a «partilha» como eixo central da mensagem que se quer mostrar, faz que os productos audiovisuais tenham uma pressão adicional […]

How are you flove?

Work in progress....

This is a life-long project developed by one person, who believes in  free culture and wants to develop a community of interdisciplinar researchers and producers of holistic theories with integral practices.

There are already some simplified specifications for producing modules or standalone spin-offs, that could be gradually developed and entangled.

Artists, philosophers, scientists, activists and non-labelled people are all welcome to review and contribute to wherever they see their fruits could better thrive.









Implementations specification

These main apps can already be implemented in whatever dirty framework (i.e. html+js "app") or in a nicer robust p2p ground.

Language of Love
Book 1.7

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