Why flove

The unknown force that interact us, i.e. flove, reveals itself as love in us. Flove.org aims to clarify and let everyone play with all loves happening in the different parts of life

Universal >< Vital

What a lively long and unknowable fine tunning to feel such connectivity nowadays cheers

Natural >< Real

Monopoles don't exist, an atom is a cluster, a particle is an interaction, mathnamics will meet numerologies. Bet a faith vow for it & you'll win!

Biological >< Human

We the most complex matter, as previous other vegetal or animal organisms, still show up simetrically in only two equivalent while very varied bodies

Why so many songs about love?

Perhaps one beatiuful song from Anastascia tells us more about it...

Flove is one new word

Flove is one new word

for the flows of love

We are highly creative beings while conditioned by shared universal, natural and biological forces that govern us. Our minds are always trying to clarify our view of the whole and getting tired while not achieving it. We haven't managed yet to get well enough a consensual natural view, and its relation with our own personal views.

Flove.org natural view (default categories) aims to give you peace of mind by letting your easily order your own view of the whole, that you could contrast with the default one for you to understand what is your own present tactical view-position.

To flove you can call it Universal or unconditional love, monopole tension, monad, God, void, the Unknown and more mechanically speaking: The teleology that pumps and gets all relations connected and evolvable.

Flove also comes to us rationally as the notion of lovely or really good (or not too bad really). I.e. whether at certain swaps, when meeting someone or at having an internal personal joy there is a common flove rooted there, so let's model the simplest practices that could clear and suggest us different lovely interactions that can be logically entangled.

It's much more easy and near than you may have expected up to now. This is only a reminder, think about it: Love is more of source than an outcome, love with things comes from thoughts about love, which have previously come from some lovely faith vows (call it subsconcious or mental sources if you prefer) that are trying to be aligned with their natural and universal floves parents...

An introduction to the language of love

All concepts with automatic basic definitions, leaving no room for elitist or hidden rethoric tweaks

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Review of static-truth logic

STATIC TRUTH-BASED MODELS Static truth-based logic is a reasoning that dominated most western thinking. It is a way of thinking where Truth is an unipolar and static concept. For example, «substance» was taken as the metaphysical point of departure by Aristotle formal logic; an «abstract circle» was taken as the point of departure by Hegel’s […]

Review of Vitalism entry on Wikipedia

the actual Vitalism wikipedia page for example. Wikipedia wrongly says about Vitalism (February 21, 2018): “Living organisms are fundamentally different from non-living entities because they contain some non-physical element or are governed by different principles than are inanimate things” This is completely wrong and it is specially very wrong because that is, paradoxically or deliberatedly, […]

Review of Life systems

How are you flove?

Work in progress....

This is a life-long project developed by one person, who opens it up to a  free culture community of interdisciplinar researchers and producers of holistic theories with integral practices.

There are already some simplified default sets that can be further specified for producing modules or spin-offs from those.

Artists, philosophers, scientists, activists and non-labelled people all welcome to review and contribute to wherever they see their fruits could better thrive. Always the more corwdsourced, the better.









Implementations specification

Any of the shown apps reaching 50% can be implemented very quickly in whatever even dirty framework.

To develop any of the models in a nice robust p2p ground for easying data crowdsourcing it is very much welcomed too.

First row: Simple and easy

Second row: Secondary easy

Third row: Broader scalable

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